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Basketball has become one of the most popular sports in the world. It is a thrilling game that appeals to so many different people; however, many aren’t aware of how the game was invented. Read on to explore where basketball was invented so that you can gain an even greater appreciation of the game. Basketball has changed a lot over the years but the early days of the sport are still to thank for how huge the game has become today.

The Invention of Basketball

The sport of basketball was invented in 1891 by a Springfield College instructor named James Naismith. It was during the winter of the 1891-1892 school year when Naismith came up with the idea for the sport. The young male students couldn’t play football during the winter months and they were still required to partake in physical activities indoors. Inside the gymnasium, the young men were restless and bored of doing simple routines such as calisthenics and marching drills.

Naismith devised the game of basketball as a good way for these young men to get exercise during the winter months. He figured that this game idea would be much more engaging than the standard exercises that they were performing and he was undoubtedly right. Naismith essentially adapted ideas from several other sports so that he could come up with a new game that could be played indoors. It took some doing but he was able to make it happen.

They used two peach baskets to make the goals that would become the target for the ball. Naismith secured the baskets to ten-foot balcony rails. Originally, they had someone stand under the basket to put the ball back into play once a goal was scored. He then drew up the original thirteen rules of the game that included fifteen-minute halves, how the ball was supposed to move, and what constituted a foul.

Modern Basketball

The game of basketball grew in popularity from its humble beginnings as a way to make exercise more fun. It would eventually be adopted by the NCAA as a team sport and this would lead to the creation of professional basketball leagues many decades later. The rules of the game were refined and the competition became much more athletic over the years. Regardless, it’s still good to look back at the starting point of basketball to appreciate the pure simplicity of the idea that gave birth to such a popular sport.