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Most of us have been there – either in person or watching on television – for one of the great sports comebacks. Just when you think that a team is completely out of it, they come racing back to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

What can businesses learn from these great sports comebacks? Here are a few of the most important lessons that can be gleaned from these huge sports comebacks.

Never Give up

If anything, it should teach businesses to never give up. There are times where seemingly everything goes against you. Instead of calling it quits or cutting your losses, you pull up your boot straps and work that much harder.

That’s not to say that every situation in life can end in some miraculous comeback, but it can teach you even in defeat. Learning about the power of perseverance will come to serve you later on in life even if the current comeback doesn’t end successfully.

The Power of Focus

One thing that any of these comebacks can show is the power of focus. Teams had a focus on the end of the game and ensuring that their team was there standing tall. Without that focus, teams (and businesses) would wind up falling short, long before the final whistle.

Keep your eyes on the prize. It takes 60 minutes in sports to achieve that prize and even the smallest of events can play a role in how that final is determined.

Getting Back up

Perhaps the most important lesson learned from those comebacks is that, no matter how hard you are knocked down, you can get back up again. Those teams were hit hard early and often but found a way to get up and get back into it.

A rough start as a business can leave you feeling like there is no hope. Instead, focus on what you can change going forward. Pick yourself up and push hard to ensure that the results will be what you hoped.