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To those on the outside looking in, sports are just about a ball. But there is so much more to glean within those games than many of us realize. Baseball in particular is driven by data and analysis, focusing on areas of strength and improvement.

There are many important ways that baseball can teach you about improving yourself. Here are a few of the most important lessons.

Winners Invest in Growth

The best players are not happy staying stagnant. They are constantly looking to make improvements on their game and to gain an advantage over the competition. The winners in the game take a closer look at the data to see where they can improve and grow.

Teams in particular that have made a distinct investment in development have thus made themselves a more attractive destination for players. Focus on getting better with a deeper look at the analytics available.

Winners Never Forget the Fundamentals

When we think of some of the best athletes in the world, we consider them so far beyond the fundamentals that they are on another plane. But the truth of the situation is that the best athletes revisit their fundamentals.

Moreover, they are constantly working on those fundamentals to make them as sound as they possibly can be. The fundamentals exist for a reason: they are the foundation of any great player. The same rules apply to life. Focus on doing the small things well and they begin to add up.

Measuring and Driving Data

More than anything, baseball is about taking a deeper look at the numbers to make sense of what is happening on the field. The average fan can miss when a player is truly performing well and that’s where the numbers come in.

By using the underlying data and measuring it thoroughly, it is possible to glean more information than you would by simply watching the game. Taking a deeper dive is a necessity whether it be in sports or in the real world.