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No matter what level you play at, it is important to get into shape for basketball season. There are more than a few things that you can do to ensure that your body is in peak physical condition by the time the games tip off again.

Here are a few training tips that will leave your body feeling rested and strong come that first game.

Get Healthy

Injuries can derail even the most talented of players. If you have been dealing with injury issues in the recent past, use the off-season to get healthy once again. It is important that you let these injuries heal up so that you can get back to properly training once again.

Far too many players will simply work through those nagging injuries. While that displays toughness, it also shows a lack of patience and discipline. Give your body a chance to rest up while you have the chance.

Evaluate Your Game

When the season ends and you have time to look at game film, you absolutely should. After all, “film don’t lie” and you will be able to not only see your strengths, but weaknesses as well. If you are hoping to become a better player, you will see it all on film.

Point your evaluation at every aspect of the game. See how your fundamentals line up. See which areas of the game you excel at. Pick out the areas that need a lot more work. Be honest in your evaluation and you can determine what to work on during the offseason.

Focus on Conditioning

No matter what your skill set looks like, conditioning translates to any sport. If you can outwork the other team and not slow down, you will have a decided edge over the course of a game.

You can mix in light weight training with some cross training to get a truly versatile workout in. These will translate into more explosive steps, a greater cardiovascular fitness, and leave you on the court when others are sucking wind.