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Successful coaches are thought to be defined by their teams. While the performance of the team certainly matters quite a bit, it is not the only determining factor. There are a few leadership qualities that the best and most successful coaches in history all share.

1. Confidence

Simply put, you can’t win if you don’t believe that you can. Tom Landry, legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys, had a quiet confidence that translated to his teams. They knew that they could win on any given day and did so much of the time. Having faith that your team will win is the foundation of any successful team.

2. More Than Talent

Coaches, the successful ones anyway, realize that winning in sports is about more than talent. Talented individuals come and go all the time without having left a mark on their sport. But the ones who combine that talent with a strong work ethic are the ones who make a lasting impact. Be willing to outwork the other guy.

3. Building Strong Relationships

Even at the professional levels, there is more to being a great coach than simply telling the players what to do. Those players need to have trust and confidence in the coaching staff. For that reason, developing relationships is of the utmost importance. Coaches get to know players and make connections with them. That builds trust and camaraderie that propels players and coaches to greater successes than they could have imagined otherwise.

4. Make Winning a Habit

At the foundation of any championship team are good habits. Those good habits may not produce winning nights every single night, but they will lay the foundation for success over the course of a season. Vince Lombardi, famed Green Bay Packers coach, stressed good habits and pushing self-growth.

By building around good habits and having the will to get better all the time, teams can truly achieve their potential and find themselves winning more often than not. It takes time to make winning a habit.